Central Tower

Heritage-led sustainable development

Sydney, Australia
Competition 2021
Commercial, Heritage & Adaptive Reuse, Hotel

JPW’s proposal for a new office and hotel tower, carefully positioned to integrate the former Parcels Post building into a cohesive solution, is inspired by the precinct’s rich history and future vision.

The design celebrates the landmark character of this fine historic building, giving contemporary relevance to it as a marker of the Tech Central precinct, and the ongoing importance of efficient communications in our development as a nation, and Sydney’s status as a Global City.

A slender, timeless form, shaped by its place in the city, rich heritage and diverse uses, the tower is a refined and distinguished marker for this ambitious urban renewal project and a 24/7 destination in its own right.

The original character of the former Parcels Post building is restored and re-energized, and placed at the centre of every visitor, guest and worker experience.

The rejuvenated former Parcels Post building forms an active and distinctive base for a new elegant and slender tower and defines a world-class benchmark for heritage-led, sustainable mixed use development.

Seamlessly reconnected with its revitalised surroundings, the proposal ensures an active contribution to the precinct at close quarters, and a striking and elegant marker for the precinct within the skyline.